Overview and Purpose

We are coordinating getting handmade masks and 3D face shields to health care workers and essential workers in need here in San Diego.

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How can I help?

Make masks or shields

There are two types of masks that are suggested. One acts as a cover for N95 masks (shown above) and the other is a standard mask. There is one shield design. This effort is being coordinated by the Uniting with Homemade Masks- San Diego and you can go to their page to learn more. Click the appropriate button below.

They have also set up google forms to sign up to make masks and shields and then will coordinate with getting the masks to those who need them.

Request Masks

Request Shields

Standard Mask Design

N95 Mask Cover Design

3D shield file

Drop Off Masks or Shields

Several dropoff locations throughout San Diego County. Click the map below to see the current dropoff locations.  And visit and join the Uniting with Homemade Masks- San Diego Facebook post on this subject for how to get a hold of the people on the map. We can arrange a volunteer porch pick up too.  For shield dropoff location please contact AJ at sandiego@masksforcovid.com.

Donate Supplies or Money

If you want to donate supplies, write to AJ at sandiego@masksforcovid.com. To make a financial contribution, click the button below to go to the GoFundMe page for this project.


Facilitate and Organize the Effort

If you have an organizational or engineering mind and/or love to solve problems, we need your help coordinating this project as it unfolds. Currently looking for people to sew, cut, deliver, and coordinate drive by drop offs.  Write to AJ at sandiego@masksforcovid.com.

These handmade masks are not meant to be replacements for N95s, which are the masks in shortest supply for medical workers. To address this problem, one of the masks (see the design options below) acts as a cover for the N95s to help preserve them for longer use.

Understanding the differencebetween surgical masks and N95s


We have been collaborating with healthcare workers, administrators, emergency teams, and of course crafters -- people who sew and make masks. We are the acting San Diego branch of Million Mask Mayday, a National effort to mobilize to fulfill the sudden need.

We also have a craft guild Facebook group specializing in safety and crafting. You can see them at Uniting with Homemade Masks- San Diego. Crafters can use this Facebook Group to get designs and interact with other mask makers. These partnerships have led to a safe exchange of masks to healthcare workers while keeping social distancing and the load on the health care facilities the focus of all decisions.

The Uniting with Homemade Masks Facebook group will focus on the crafting end including questions about materials. Masks for Covid will focus on the logistical distribution.

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